That Overflowing Bath of Wonders: because Mr. Clean just doesn't cut it sometimes

and so the revolution begins...

We have breaking news over here at the TOBW. Otama (aka Fran), known by most as the money-obsessed owner of the Pizza Cat's Pizza Parlor, has led an uprising and taken control of the TOBW website. Bitter about having been replaced as the site mascot by "that fat arse" General Catton, Otama and her army of minions stormed TOBW headquarters with spooty axes and rusted pizza cutters in hand.

After quickly disposing of the security guards, the group wreaked havoc throughout the building, destroying all office supplies and appliances. Robley's loyal staff tried to stop the group, but were terribly outnumbered. They fought valiently, but in the end were reduced, quite literally, to dust.

Upon the capture of robley, Otama and her group stated their demands. In order to live, robley would have to:

      1.) reinstitute Otama as the mascot of TOBW
      2.) drop the whole "bath house" act (Otama feels it is degrading to her and her fellow cast members)
      3.) get rid of those stupid frame things that screwed the layout up
      4.) redesign the entire site accordingly

Being a total wuss with no dignity whatsoever, robley quickly agreed. He is free to do what he wishes with the site, but is under careful watch by Otama, who wants to make sure her "dead sexy" head shots don't fall through the cracks in the process.

Updated 10/15/03


...any resolution is fine.

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